Refer your patients within your establishment

Communicate routes, waiting rooms and buildings to your patients

Disseminate important information

Educate and inform your patients through digital communication: prevention campaign against a virus, hygiene rules,…

Display of the service offer

The range of services allows you to indicate all the professionals practicing within your establishment.

Display the list of services

Service lists allow you to indicate the location of all the departments of your institution to your patients.

Manage your appointments

Box Management System is a schedule that determines in which practice the doctor consults. It offers several functionalities, such as the management of specific events, the management of absence as well as the allocation of a practice to several doctors.

Consultation list

Optimize your flows and unclog your secretariats by clearly indicating the status of your consultations, the presence or not of a carer, a last minute change of premises,…

Management of waiting rooms

View doctors attending to patients in a defined waiting room.

Cabinet screens

Display the information of the attending caregiver in front of each office.

Patient flow management

Manage your patient flow with our Easyqueue module. The module adapts the patient journey according to your needs.

Examples of dynamic displays

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