Compose your own content

GreenPlayer includes a content creation editor allowing you to create complex and personalized media. Stream a playlist and dress your screen with weather, time and more.

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Easily plan the distribution of your media

Thanks to the Greenplayer tools, create your broadcast schedules in the blink of an eye. Organizing and managing your communication has never been easier!

A cloud or local solution

Depending on your needs, the Greenplayer application can be hosted on our servers or directly within your infrastructure.

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Interact live with your target audience

Greenplayer's notification system allows you to interact in real time with your visitors. Instantly share with them any type of messages.


GreenPlayer has multiple modules adapted to the needs of each sector. We can also develop them to measure.

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GreenPlayer Library

GreenPlayer Library, is a library of widgets and models available to you. Download and use what you need!

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Digital signage software is compatible with operating systems


OS Intégré dans les players de GreenPlayer.
Créé spécialement pour le digitale signage.


OS intégré aux écrans SAMSUNG pour un affichage de communication Digital simple et rapide.


OS intégré aux écrans LG pour un affichage de communication Digital simple et rapide.


OS de gestion d’affichage d’informations sur des périphériques Android (Zebra, Philips, .. ).

Many types of media & widgets supported

Easily and intuitively integrate your image files, audios, videos, websites, streaming feeds, RSS feeds, weather widgets, etc. to your mailing lists or in our content creation editor.


You can display streaming video feeds from your web servers, Youtube or cameras.


Make your displays interact with the real world by setting scenarios with other physical devices through the CMP IO.


View the layout of your screens on a map and interact based on their geographical position.

The software in pictures

Browse the gallery of screenshots to see a preview of our application.