Discover unique and exclusive features !

GreenPlayer is a new way to manage your digital communication thanks to our web application and it's advanced features.


Full media compatibility with all kind of videos, images, pdf, website, ... Furthermore GreenPlayer converts your medias allowing them to be fully compatible with your hardware.


GreenPlayer app uses a javascript framework 'gpSignage' dedicated to digital signage in order to ease multiple widgets creation.

Calendar & Schedule

The medias schedule can be a typical week, allowing to define specific time slots for specific medias to be displayed at the best moment for your audience.


With our unique notifications system, you can manage the content of a specific screen or multiple ones.


Create breathtaking walls of screens, GreenPlayer is taking care of everything, from videos cutting to screen size adjustements.


You can broadcast videos coming from your own webserver, Youtube or IP cameras.


Make your screens interact with the world by defining scenarios with other devices using CMP IO.


Visualize all your screen on a floorplan and localize them on a map.


Make your screens interact wtih other devices by including bluetooth detection into your different scenarios.


You can access our library of widgets and medias from within GreenPlayer. Theses medias and widgets are both supplied by GreenPlayer and by other supplier. The easiest way to get rich and valuable contents.

Voice announcements

Fully compatible with Google Text-To-Speech service, you can also crfeate voice announcements.


Create your own content by importing your texts, images and videos.


You can use databases tools to create a personalized dataset of informations. Diffrent display layouts are available in the market. You can also import XML external sources.

Medias converter

Your medias will be automaticaly converted into a format supported by your screens. Video encoding speeds are improved by our dedicated GPU hardware.


Various sub-applications for various sectors and activities are available. But we can also develop taylormade modules.


Different broadcasting scenarios on multiple screens are possible. Available in one click.


Intergate GreenPlayer in other applications through our GreenPlayer webservice API.

Users Restrictions

You can define specific and restricted rights to folders, medias, players or modules.


Broadcast multiple contents creating and using grids of your screens.


To easily optimize your screens without reducing their functionalities, you can define a skin for each screen.