Discover one-of-a-kind features!

The Market aim to put in touch editors and content providers with people willing to broadcast content.

Free medias

The GreenPlayer Market allows you to have access to a free of charges library in order to create your own digfital communication.

Charged medias

The market gives also access to charged medias uploaded by other persons.


You can also become a content editor and propose your funny, interesting or informative medias to other GreenPlayer users.


When your screens are well identified and localized your can pay the GreenPlayer users who cast your content.
A simple and effective way to promote your products and services.


The market has an integrated credits system allowing you to monetize your medias, as charged medias or as sponsored medias.

Reporting & Control

As GreenPlayer user, you have access to powerful statistic tools allowing you to know when and where your medias are broadcasted. At any moment, you can stop your medias broadcasting.