Discover the possibilities of digital signage

GreenPlayer brings you unlimited ways to improve your communication with your audience. Dynamic display delivers unlimited ways to catch eyess and to improve your messages impact.
For every business sectors, various solutions exist to fulfill your needs.
Screen, kiosk, signage, control panel, walls, totems, etc. discover the various ways GreenPlayer can help to to increase your visibility.

Communication screen

From small 10" screen to big sized 95", GreenPlayer comes along with you through you communication screens. Reach and keep your audience with dynamic displays, images, videos and services such as weather, trafic, messaging or other kind of informations. Customize your displays and create your own content in minutes with our powerful editing tools.

Kiosk - Interactive Touch Screen

Kiosk proposes numerous interactive possibilities. The perfect way to interact with your audience. Stable and robust, kiosk is designed for multimedia advertisement, it can handle big screens et find it's place airports, shopping mall and schools, etc...

Control screens

GreenPlayer offers you the ability to transform your old monitors into control screens. En effet, notre application s'intègre parfaitement à vos outils de surveillance et peut récupérer l'information pour l'afficher sur vos écrans de la manière dont vous le souhaitez, la flexibilité est un atout majeur de GreenPlayer.

Presentation Totem

Boost your profits with a presentation totem powered by GreenPlayer. Generate leads with dynamic and animated contents and present your brochures and leaflets with our displays accessories. Totems are convenients and are perfectly adapted to retail, hotels, tourism businesses and events organisation.


GreenPlayer finds its place in signpost industry. Guiding your audience has never been so quick and efficient. Nowadays, a full communication strategy is essential for your staff and for your customers. That communication industry is as important in the corporate sector (sceneparks, cinemas, hotels,etc.), as in the public sector (hospitals, schools, etc.).


Amaze your visitors with a multi-screens wall fully customizable to your wishes and able to show images and videos in high definition. Our Walls' technology is able to synchronize your content on an illimited amount of screens while casting your medias in the best quality.

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GreenPlayer is compatible with multiple Players each dedicated to a different use. This allows us to respond to any type of business. Find out here which Player meets best your needs as well as its characteristics and features.


GreenPlayer allows you to stream dynamically different types of audio-visual media on one or more displays. Various types of media are available, offering a total flexibility of broadcasted content as well as high performances.


We organize training days to help you to start and/or improve your skills at using GreenPlayer. These training are also a good way to explain your needs and for our staff to fulfill your needs.